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DIMOS Maschinenbau GmbH is a specialist for individually manufactured warehouse and industrial trucks with electric drive. DIMOS specializes in adapting vehicles precisely to the respective application and environment, thus enabling optimum material flow. Founded in 1993 by Dieter Modrey and Alfred Schütz in Fulda, DIMOS is in demand worldwide as a supplier of high-quality vehicles "Made in Germany". The company currently sells its products through more than 40 sales partners on four continents. DIMOS' customers come from the aerospace, automotive, mining, metal, wood and textile industries, among others. DIMOS currently employs 55 people and is managed by Alfred and Hanna Schütz.


DIMOS - with our company we stand for convincing product quality and reliable service. The long-standing success of our family business is based on special values that characterize the cooperation within the company and are the basic prerequisite for the partnership and successful cooperation with our customers:

  • Mutual respect, straightforwardness and predictability.
  • Thanks and recognition for the performance of our employees without whose loyalty, commitment and creativity the success of our company would be unthinkable.
  • We maintain an open dialog with our customers, suppliers & employees and formulate clear common goals.





The spacious cabin of the DIMOS Charger
DIMOS ist ein modernes Maschinenbauunternehmen in Petersberg bei Fulda


The demands of our customers and constantly growing requirements on man and material are motivation for us to permanently adapt our standards to "today". We are continuously working on further developments in order to be able to support our customers with solutions:

  • that meet individual requirements
  • which give top priority to safety and environmental protection aspects
  • which are economical and -
  • last but not least, which also take into account the wishes of the operators.



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DIMOS ist ein modernes Maschinenbauunternehmen in Petersberg bei Fulda


"Economy, cost reduction and effective use of existing warehouse capacities are inseparably linked in warehouse logistics with the classic requirements for industrial trucks," say owners and managing directors Hanna and Alfred Schütz. A philosophy which is now successfully lived by us in the 3rd generation and which finds its roots in the history with the co-founder Dieter Modrey.

Our vision is the sustainable development of our family business, the orientation of our corporate culture to "challenge & promote" and last but not least our endeavor to convince our customers again and again and to support them successfully in terms of their individual special requirements.




DIMOS Schulungen
Jährliche Wartung von DIMOS


With reliable, outstanding quality, with innovative solutions, with flexibility, adherence to delivery dates and with the knowledge of the requirements and needs of our customers.

DIMOS products are optimally designed for each case of need and adapted to the customer's requirements. We always offer comprehensive solutions, tailored to the requirements and the respective field of application.

We ensure quality through solid maintenance and customer service friendly designs using reputable suppliers and employing highly qualified and constantly trained personnel.