Header DIMOS Charger

up to
35 t load capacity

electric drive

equipped with
Panorama cabin



Transporting and loading heavy and bulky loads are among the main tasks of the DIMOS Charger compact forklift. Especially where aspects such as space requirements or high maneuverability are in demand, the compact forklift from DIMOS comes up trumps with its strengths. The short vehicle length in combination with the minimum turning radius and at the same time high basic as well as residual capacities impress our customers. Due to our innovative electric drive system, the Charger convinces with minimal service costs as well as perfect energy management!

Ergonomic driver's cab


The operating display and camera systems provide the operator with a visualization of the environment and real-time machine data.
The operating elements are integrated in the driver's seat so that, for example, the ergonomic dimensions are not changed in poor ground conditions; the elements spring along with the driver's seat.

Geräumige Kabine des Charger von DIMOS
Patented compact steering


Our patented compact steering system allows a minimum turning radius with maximum stability !

The pivot point is located between the two front drive wheels (circular travel). 

Wendekreis von Charger
Electric drive


Our unique direct drive avoids unnecessary power losses.

The Charger series convinces with a high torque during shunting work as well as a high final speed with an excellent energy management at the same time.

Der elektrische Antrieb erzeugt einen hohen Wirkungsgrad
Battery change


If the Charger is used in multi-shift operation, this is also no problem. Thanks to the easily accessible battery trough at the rear of the vehicle, a battery change can be carried out within a very short time. If desired, the battery can be provided with fork openings so that it can be changed even more conveniently with a hand forklift.

Batteriewechsel Charger DIMOS

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DIMOS Charger Informationsterminal

The information terminal provides the driver with all important information, e.g. battery capacity, active assistance systems with operating hours counter, load information, position of the fork.

Das Dimos Hubsystem wird in Petersberg in Fulda passgenau hergestellt

Dimos manufactures the lifting systems at the production site in Fulda / Petersberg in own design & production. 
The lifting systems are designed for the customer's load case. 

Robuste Bauweise des Dimos Chargers

It goes without saying that we develop, design and produce our machines in accordance with internationally applicable standards and machine guidelines.

A robust design & high load capacity reserves characterize the Dimos Charger.  

Elastik-Bereifung beim DIMOS Charger

Especially suitable for outdoor use, the EL drum offers good adaptation to ground conditions. This drum is often used up to load classes of 13 tons.

Extremely high load capacities can be realized with the help of PU drums. They are mostly used for machines with a load capacity of more than 13 tons.

Quick service for the DIMOS Charger

By carefully arranging the components used, we reduce the downtimes of our vehicles to a minimum.

Sicherheitsleuchten des DIMOS Charger

The DIMOS Charger often transports heavy and bulky loads. To increase safety, acoustic and light signals warn employees near the vehicle and increase the necessary safety space.

DIMOS Charger mit Geschwindigkeitsassistent

The optional speed assistant uses a sensor to detect whether the vehicle is indoors or outdoors. If the charger is indoors, the speed is automatically reduced to a limit set by the customer, which increases safety.  When driving outdoors, the speed limit is automatically activated. 

Headlights on the front of the Charger from DIMOS

The lighting concept is designed for maximum driving safety.

DIMOS Charger indoors

Due to its electric drive, the DIMOS Charger is best suited for combined indoor and outdoor use.

Convenient entry to the Dimos Charger

With its steps, the Charger can be entered comfortably and safely.

DIMOS Charger at night

Night driving is safe with the Charger's innovative lighting concept.

DIMOS Charger in a narrow passageway

Even narrow places within the production are no problem for the Charger thanks to the patented steering system.

Polyurethane tires for the DIMOS Charger

For high loads we recommend the polyurethane tires.



Series Load capacity (t) Lifting height (mm) Tires (options) Drive Voltage (V) Cabin
4160 8,0 up to 30,0 user-specific PU / EL electric 80 Ergo driver's cab