up to
30 t load capacity

electric drive

Application both
indoors and outdoors



Multidirectional sideloaders form the core of the DIMOS product portfolio. Since 1993, DIMOS forklifts have been in use internationally, whether in standard or customized design, with different cabin variants or as a load accompanying vehicle. Especially our flexibility in implementing customer requirements and a high degree of ergonomics and comfort of the cabs distinguish the DIMOS multidirectional sideloaders. Also the long durability can convince - some DIMOS devices run since the foundation until today!


Whether in a narrow aisle or freely movable for indoor & outdoor use - the DMS can be optimally configured for any requirement.

Passgenau auf Ihre Anforderungen entwickelt - die DIMOS Garantie

The high-flyer among the DIMOS multidirectional sideloaders. The load-accompanying cabin allows the operating personnel to pick the goods comfortably and with an overview.

DIMOS vehicle in the plastics industry
Aufnehmbare Plattform als Kommissionierlösung

Picking platforms from Dimos are very often used in high-bay warehouses. 
The advantage of this is clearly the reduction of machine hours and the effective use of the flow of goods behind the goods to be picked.
The operator can pick the goods directly from the shelf and make them ready for dispatch on the platform.


Our electric multi-directional sideloaders facilitate in-plant production and picking tasks. Flexible use can be achieved through the versatile adaptability of our DMS series. Be it specific attachments, such as long or lifting forks, or the use of a load-accompanying cabin - with DIMOS multidirectional stackers you are equipped for both energy and process optimization.

Der DIMOS DMS im Einsatz im Schmalgang mit Langgut

The electronic, programmable multi-way steering system from DIMOS can be optionally installed in the multi-directional sideloaders. It includes automatic direction preselection and automatic steering programs for longitudinal, transverse, circular and diagonal travel. A visual steering program display is also included in the equipment variant. The steering system offers extreme maneuverability, maneuvering with millimeter precision and a minimum turning radius, as the pivot point is located in the center of the vehicle.

Schwerlasttransport mit dem Elektro-Mehrwege-Seitenstapler DMS von DIMOS


Our cabs can be individually adapted to customer requirements. In addition to the aspect of visibility and layout of the controls, we were also able to filter out a lot of important vehicle information for the operators and make it available on our new operator interface, e.g. load moment monitoring, lift height preselection, distance warning and many other vehicle data.

Innenansicht der Kabine des DMS Mehrwege-Staplers

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  • Fork carriage
  • Die Gabelträgervarianten des DMS

    Fork carriage type I

    Suitable for the handling of pallets or cassettes as well as long goods with a high form stiffness

    Fork carriage type II

    Suitable for handling long goods with a low form stiffness. The special design of the fork carriage type II ensures a minimum loss dimension with simultaneous maximum utilization of the bearing height.

    Fork carriage type III

    Suitable for handling long loads of all kinds. Long, bulky and especially heavy loads can be transported effortlessly and safely with this robust fork carriage

  • Camera systems
  • Kamera neben Gabelzinke DIMOS
    Verschiedene Positionen der Kameras am DMS

    Camera systems are often used for better monitoring of the storage as well as retrieval process at high lifting heights. Different positions of the camera are possible, of course also according to customer requirements. Shown here are the most common variants of our camera systems, on the fork carriage in the center (Pos. A) and camera accompaniment after leaving the free lift (Pos. B).

  • RFID aisle containment
  • RFID Gangabsicherung des DMS

    With our floor sensors, which are used especially in the narrow aisle, we automatically regulate the travel speed of the machine down shortly before leaving the work aisle and start an acoustic warning signal. This has the sense that people passing by can be warned as well as not be caught by the machine. The RFID tags can be freely programmed and pass on various commands to our DIMOS electric multidirectional sideloader.

  • Cab variants
  • Innenansicht der Kabine des DMS Mehrwege-Staplers
    Die Kabinenvarianten des DMS von DIMOS
    Seitenansicht Kabine des DIMOS DMS
    Ansicht Kabine des DMS von DIMOS

    In the development of our spacious cabs, we have involved our worldwide users and were thus able to focus on the features that are important for the transport of long & bulky loads.

    Cab variants are available as longitudinal, stand-up and cross-seat cabs.

  • Mechanical track guidance
  • Grafik der mechanischen Spurführung

    The mechanical track guidance system consists of four support rollers mounted at the outer points of the frame contour. When entering the narrow aisle, this roller system is supported by the guide rails mounted there and is thus guided through the aisle. Sensors mounted on the frame detect the guide rail and deactivate the steering of the electric multidirectional sideloader. The wheels now align themselves automatically with the help of the sensors on the aisle and mediate automatically.

  • Pendulum frame
  • Grafische Darstellung eines Pendelrahmens in einem Mehrwege-Stapler von DIMOS

    With our pendulum frames, safety & driving comfort are top priority. The two-part pendulum frame allows larger ground unevenness to be compensated for, especially in outdoor use. This ensures the necessary stability even in poor ground conditions. In addition, the mechanical compensation of the ground unevenness protects the vehicle and the operator from impacts.

  • Inductive tracking
  • Induktive Spurführung eines DMS Mehrwege-Seitenstaplers

    Similar to the transmitter/receiver principle, the antennas on the vehicle detect the stringline embedded in the ground. With the help of a driving program, the driver confirms driving on the stringline. The vehicle is now guided completely automatically and without mechanical assistance. The great advantage here is that the lowest storage level is not lost due to the elimination of the guide rail and can therefore also be used. Valuable storage space is thus gained.


    • Initial stroke with load accompanying booth
    • DIMOS vehicle in the plastics industry
      DMS mit aufnehmbarer Plattform vorne, lastbegleitender Kabine hinten
      Hubsysteme von DIMOS

      The smooth initial stroke of the DMS in the version with load-accompanying cabin ensures that it is always at load height. The initial stroke of DIMOS also minimizes fluctuations of the fork carriage, even with load.

    • Semi automated platform
    • DMS mit ausgefahrener aufnehmbarer Plattform
      Aufnehmbare Plattform für den DIMOS DMS
      DMS mit aufnehmbarer Plattform vorne, lastbegleitender Kabine hinten
      Gangeinfahrt des DMS mit Kommissionierplattform

      Picking platforms from Dimos are also available in automated versions.

      The picking of heavy goods such as decorative panels or chipboard is thus left to the machine. The operator is thus extremely relieved and controls the machine in semi-automated processes or monitors the process in fully automated processes from the cabin.

    • Attachments for DMS - Forks
    • DMS mit Paketgreifarm zur schnellen Entladung von LKW
      Teleskopgabelzinken und Gabelträgeraufsätze von DIMOS

      Our fork carriage attachments offer the possibility to transport extremely long goods if required by the customer. At the same time, the fork carriage attachment can also be put down so that the machine can adjust optimally to the transport of long goods or compact goods as required. 
      With the help of telescopic forks and the combination of our different fork carriers, our electric multidirectional sideloaders can adapt perfectly to the goods. 
      The telescopic forks make it possible to transport wider goods or to perform efficient load-through maneuvers on trucks without repositioning the forks.

    • Attachment for strain gage - roller clamp
    • Rollenklammer als Aufsatz für einen DMS Mehrwege-Seitenstapler

      The reel clamp can be attached to the DIMOS multidirectional sideloader as a substitute for normal forks. In this way, rolls and normal goods can be flexibly transported with one device.

    • Folding and lifting forks
    • Klapp- und Hubgabelzinken von DIMOS

      Due to the transport of a wide variety of goods and thus changing demands on the machine, folding forks can be used to optimally adjust to the goods to be transported. For example, additional forks are folded down for unstable long goods with high deflection. 
      Lifting forks are very often used for long goods and uneven ground conditions. The lifting fork offers the possibility to adjust the height of the load on one side and thus to load the load straight and safely despite the sloping ground. 

      Passgenau auf Ihre Anforderungen entwickelt - die DIMOS Garantie
      Innenansicht der Kabine des DMS Mehrwege-Staplers
      Beleuchtungskonzept des DMS Mehrwege-Staplers von DIMOS
      DIMOS vehicle in the plastics industry
      DMS with guide rollers

      Guide rollers on the strain gage help to increase safety in the work process.

      DIMOS DMS in use in China
      DIMOS DMS Elektro-Mehrwege-Stapler
      Kommissioniersysteme von DIMOS im Einsatz

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