Einsatz eines Plattformwagens von DIMOS in der Metallverarbeitung



DIMOS offers a wide range of trolleys. Thanks to our modular system, the chassis, height and operation can be individually adapted. In addition, DIMOS offers different steering systems, such as 1-axle, 2-axle and multi-way steering. The design of the platform is individual.

Heckansicht des Plattformwagens mit Kabine von DIMOS

platform trucks

Radio-controlled or spiral cable-operated platform truck for transporting heavy loads up to 65t. Due to its extreme maneuverability and sensitive control, the platform truck is ready for use even in the tightest of spaces. Platform trucks are also available (partially) automated.


The special feature of these platform trucks is the integrated lifting system with low overall height at the same time. This means that racks can be moved underneath without any problems.

DIMOS Plattformwagen
Zugang zum Fahrerstand beim DIMOS Gleiswagen


The track wagons from DIMOS are used for the internal transport of heavy goods, such as steel, railroad parts or casting molds.


Especially suitable for outdoor use: Our platform truck with comfort cabin. Equipped weatherproof, even high loads can be transported comfortably outdoors with our platform truck. The platform truck with cabin combines the high maneuverability of our 360° steering with a high load capacity.

Plattformwagen von DIMOS beladen


The operation is arranged by DIMOS to provide the best comfort for the driver. With a clear view of the load and the sensitive DIMOS remote control, exact positioning of the vehicle is possible without any problems. If required, our platform trucks can also be equipped with a driver's stand.

Fernbedienung Plattformwagen von DIMOS
Differential gear


The in-house developed DIMOS twin drive offers many advantages:

  • Low floor loading with high payloads and gentle on the floor.
  • Also excellently suited for outdoor use
  • Low abrasion
Seitenansicht des Plattformwagens von DIMOS
Level compensation


DIMOS offers the optimum level compensation here - gentle on the individual components and not least also taking into account the health of the driver.
No matter whether pendulum frames, level compensation via power bags or other innovative designs. The level compensation
is adapted by DIMOS to individual areas of application and ground conditions.

Einsatz eines Plattformwagens von DIMOS in der Metallverarbeitung

Do you have any questions?

We will be happy to advise you on suitable solutions in the area of platform trucks! Simply write to us.

THE Features

  • Steering systems
  • DIMOS Plattformwagen

    Basically, three different steering systems are available for the DIMOS platform trucks with driver's cab:

    • Single-axle steering
    • Dual-axle steering
    • Multi-way steering
  • Platform
  • Ladefläche eines DIMOS Gleiswagens

    The design of the platform depends on the loads to be transported. Are recesses desired? What is the width of the load? Our individual approach allows us to design the perfect platform for your application.

  • Tires
  • Elastik-Bereifung beim DIMOS Charger

    According to your specifications and the corresponding types of use and soils, DIMOS offers you tires adapted to all requirements:

    • Vulkollan
    • SE tires
    • Solid rubber tires
    • Differential drive
  • Track wagon
  • Zugang zum Fahrerstand beim DIMOS Gleiswagen

    The DIMOS platform trucks can also be used on tracks. Here, they can be maneuvered with a driver's cab, or optionally with a radio remote control.

  • Platform truck with cabin
  • Kabine des DIMOS Plattformwagens

    We also offer the possibility of using a cabin. Especially in the outdoor area a cabin can make sense. Comfortably equipped, our DIMOS cabin offers many additional features, such as camera systems, radio or, if desired, air conditioning.

  • Platform truck with tarpaulin body
  • Planentransporter von DIMOS
    Ladefläche Plattformwagen mit Plane von DIMOS
    Kabine des Planentransporters von DIMOS
    Plattformwagen mit Plane und Kabine von DIMOS
    Plattformwagen mit Plane und Kabine in der Seitenansicht von DIMOS

    In order to be able to drive outside the company halls in any weather, our platform truck is also available with a tarpaulin body. Thus, cargo can be transported safely regardless of the weather.

    DIMOS Plattformwagen bei LSV
    Plattformwagen mit 30 t Tragfähigkeit von DIMOS

    Die Plattformwagen können für unterschiedliche Tragfähigkeiten entwickelt werden, hier beispielsweise für 30 t.

    Lastfläche des DIMOS Gleiswagens

    Je nach Länge und Breite der Last werden unsere Plattformwagen konfiguriert.

    Fernbedienung Plattformwagen von DIMOS

    Plattformwagen von DIMOS können auch mit einer Fernbedienung ausgestattet werden.

    Plattformwagen mit Kabine von DIMOS

    Häufig werden die Plattformwagen mit Kabine im Außenbereich eingesetzt.

    Seitenansicht des Plattformwagens von DIMOS

    Durch seine geringe Bauhöhe kann der DIMOS Plattformwagen auch niedrige Gestelle unterfahren.

    Ladefläche Plattformwagen mit Plane von DIMOS
    Plattformwagen mit Plane und Kabine in der Seitenansicht von DIMOS