Portalstapler ATT von DIMOS beim Transport von Gleisen



Challenges are our passion - nowhere do we prove this more than in the area of our special vehicles. No matter what the load, whether coil transport or tool change, our special vehicles are perfectly matched to their application and increase the effectiveness of our customers' handling processes. Benefit from our decades of experience in the field of special construction!

Straddle carrier


With a capacity of 1-35 t and equipped with multidirectional steering system, our straddle carrier is for various applications. Thus, very long goods (such as rails) can be transported safely, as well as container transport is possible. The ATT straddle carrier from DIMOS can be used both indoors and outdoors and offers a perfect view of the goods with its rotating panoramic cabin. The all-electric drive system also ensures the best energy management.

Hebebewegung des ATT Portalstapler von DIMOS
Tool changer

Our tool changers are characterized by their maneuverability combined with high load capacity. Due to the patented DIMOS 360 degree steering system, heavy tool parts can be changed in the tightest of spaces. The number of operating points can be adapted to the customer's requirements, and a fully automated solution is also possible on request.

Coil transporter


Our coil transporter can cover the entire range of control options from manual to fully automatic. The high maneuverability due to our 360° steering system makes it possible to transport heavy coils in the tightest of spaces. Coils up to 30t can be transported as standard.

Lastaufnahme des Coiltransporters von DIMOS
Battery changing station


With the help of our battery replacement station, AGVs can replace their batteries fully automatically. Through the internal energy management system, the station automatically selects the battery whose charge level is highest. The battery removed from the vehicle is then moved to a charging station and automatically charged. This minimizes overall downtimes and saves energy and costs.

Do you have questions about special equipment?

Then contact us! We will be happy to advise you and support you in finding the perfect solution for your handling task.

Coiltransport in der Textilindustrie
Coiltransport in einer Halle mit einem DIMOS Gerät
Sitzkabine des Coiltransporters von DIMOS
Coiltransporter von DIMOS im Außenbereich
Frontansicht des ATT Portalstapler von DIMOS
Hebebewegung des ATT Portalstapler von DIMOS