DIMOS ist Systemanbieter in der Aluminiumindustrie


As a leading manufacturer of sideloaders and special-purpose vehicles, DIMOS offers diverse transport solutions for manufacturers and trading companies in the aluminum industry. Worldwide, numerous companies use DIMOS multi-directional sideloaders, order pickers and compact forklifts to handle aluminum profiles, coils and ingots. The range of application of DIMOS vehicles is possible almost everywhere - DIMOS has the solution for you!

Beleuchtungskonzept des DMS Mehrwege-Staplers von DIMOS

Electrically driven, emission-free and modular - these are the flexible electric multidirectional sideloaders from DIMOS. Multidirectional sideloaders are used in the aluminum industry whenever long or bulky goods, such as tubes, profiles or plates, have to be moved in a small space.

Schubmaststapler für den Einsatz in der Kunststoffindustrie von DIMOS

The loading and unloading of trucks, the storage and retrieval of goods even at height, internal transport and even roll handling can be handled without any problems with the DIMOS reach truck.

Einsatz eines Plattformwagens von DIMOS in der Metallverarbeitung

Adapted to the requirements, DIMOS offers, among other things, radio-controlled or spiral cable-operated platform trucks, cross-seat platform trucks, lift trucks with platform or lift trucks with rotating platform.

Sicherheitsleuchten des DIMOS Charger

Transporting and loading heavy and bulky loads are among the main tasks of the DIMOS Charger compact forklift. Especially where aspects such as space requirements or high maneuverability with extremely heavy loads are required, the compact forklift from DIMOS comes up trumps with its strengths.

DIMOS Hochhubwagen mit Prismen für die Lastaufnahme von Rollen

Whether a lift truck with drawbar, cross-seat cabin or ride-on platform, the equipment from DIMOS can be ideally adapted for use in the metal industry. Despite their small dimensions, even heavy metal goods can be transported comfortably.

Questions about the use in the aluminum industry?

We are happy to advise you! DIMOS has been a recognized system supplier in the aluminum industry for over 25 years.


Our core product - reliable, even with heavy loads.

DIMOS DMS in use in China

The DIMOS Charger is in use worldwide and proves its high maneuverability.

DIMOS Charger in a narrow passageway

Its multi-directional steering system enables fast changes of direction.

Frontalansicht des DIMOS Schubmaststaplers

Robust, electric and easy to use.

Side view of the platform truck from DIMOS
lift truck 

Our lift trucks are equipped with the appropriate pick-up device.

A loaded Pallet Mover
Zugang zum Fahrerstand beim DIMOS Gleiswagen
DIMOS Plattformwagen
Plattformwagen von DIMOS beladen
Sonderausführung des DIMOS Hochhubwagens
Hochhubwagen mit Hubmast von DIMOS
Picking platform as well as DMS with load accompanying cabin from DIMOS

Strain gages with load accompanying car are often used in combination with other picking solutions.

View from the driver's stand of the Pallet Mover from DIMOS

From the seat, the DIMOS Pallet Mover offers an ideal view of the forks.

Beleuchtungskonzept des DMS Mehrwege-Staplers von DIMOS
DIMOS Charger at night

Night driving is safe with the Charger's innovative lighting concept.

DIMOS Charger Informationsterminal