Automated coil transport with DIMOS


DIMOS AGV systems are designed for maximum availability.
The basis of our automated guided vehicle systems are the most diverse logistics processes of our customers. Together we develop individually the most cost-efficient solution for you. With our fully autonomous vehicles, you can achieve both maximum availability and increased process efficiency. Positioning accuracy also plays an important role - only with this can excellent performance be guaranteed. And that also in high tonnages.
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Our DMS multidirectional sideloader is available in both partially and fully automated versions. Since the necessary modifications for fully automated operation are already included in our multidirectional sideloader, even models that have already been delivered can still be automated at a later date.

DMS Mehrwege-Stapler als AGV
The automated coil handler from DIMOS

With our fully automated coil handlers, metal coils up to 8t can be transported autonomously in the warehouse. The battery change also takes place completely autonomously here. Depending on the state of charge and capacity utilization, a choice is made between the individual machines. In this way, we guarantee ideal processes and low downtimes as well as a cost reduction compared to manual operation.


For the fully automatic exchange of lead-acid batteries, we have developed an automated battery exchange system for our customer. The coil AGVs automatically drive to the changing station, where the empty battery is then exchanged for a full one. In this way, downtimes can be minimized while at the same time optimizing energy consumption.

Automated battery changing station from DIMOS
X-Way Mover from DIMOS outdoors
X-Way Mover

The X-Way Mover performs a variety of different tasks in air cargo handling at the airport. Here, too, automation has already been taken into account. We can therefore already offer the X-Way Mover as a partially or fully automated system.

INTRAC Transport system

The INTRAC transport system as a further development of our platform transporters is characterized by its 360° steering as well as by a low overall height. This means that even low racks can be transported fully automatically. The loads are transferred via roller systems on the top of the INTRAC. The INTRAC is not only used for cargo handling, but can also be used in classic warehouse situations.

Intrac von DIMOS

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THE Features

  • Navigation system
  • Navigation for AGVs by DIMOS

    Depending on the configuration of the warehouse, we use different navigation systems or mixtures of navigation systems. In addition to the scanners of the personnel protection system, it is also important for the navigation to install local scanners in the warehouse so that a perfect coverage of the movement radii is guaranteed.

  • Personal security
  • PSA beim DMS von DIMOS

    Our PPE (personal protection system) is mandatory to meet today's safety standards in the area of AGV/ AGV. This mobile type of area protection / access monitoring offers our customer maximum flexibility. Different protected areas can be created and defined. When an obstacle is detected, a protective measure is taken depending on the distance, such as speed reduction or automatic emergency braking.

  • Planning / Project planning
  • Your custom solution for automation

    We respond to your ideas - Currently, there are no automation solutions "off the shelf", which is why we project an individual system for each customer. Here we can respond precisely to your requirements and the warehouse situation and thus find the best solution for your handling task.

  • Multidirectional steering system
  • Mehrwege-Lenkung des DMS von DIMOS
    • Enables maneuvering with millimeter precision
    • Minimizes turning radius
    • Smooth change from steering to transverse travel
    • Increases travel efficiency and energy use
  • Lifting mast
  • Das Dimos Hubsystem wird in Petersberg in Fulda passgenau hergestellt

    The lifting system for your automated vehicle is also configured to customer specifications. This means that we can also easily map lower clearance heights or higher load capacities. Like the rest of the vehicle, the lifting system is fully automatic and can lift and lower while the vehicle is moving or only when it is at a standstill, as desired. With the former option, we can significantly reduce process times.

  • Innen / Außen
  • DIMOS AGV indoor solutions

    By using different tires and drive strengths, our AGVs can be used both indoors and outdoors. Even driving uphill / downhill is no challenge for our driverless transport systems, whether loaded or unloaded.



    DIMOS AGV indoor solutions
    Your custom solution for automation
    Automated battery changing station from DIMOS
    Navigation for AGVs by DIMOS
    DIMOS DMS im Einsatz mit Holzplatten
    X-Way Mover from DIMOS outdoors
    Intrac von DIMOS
    Schwerlasttransport mit dem Elektro-Mehrwege-Seitenstapler DMS von DIMOS

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