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The handling of goods and products at the air freight terminal is complex: goods have to be transported quickly and safely from A to B. The air freight terminal has to meet a wide range of requirements, be it in terms of weight, speed or temperature sensitivity. In the process, a wide variety of requirements must be met, be it in terms of weight, transport security, speed or temperature sensitivity. In order to be able to load aircraft optimally, baggage, freight or mail are bundled in unit load devices (ULDs). ULDs consist of pallets and containers and enable the easy transport of goods and products in large quantities. Numerous vehicles are used in the air cargo sector to handle, store and transport these ULDs. As a system supplier, DIMOS offers various solutions to optimize the process flow at the airport.

NEW: Intrac Pallet Mover


X-Way Mover

The X-Way Mover is the world's first self-contained, free-moving, multi-functional transport vehicle that combines the capabilities of multiple handling devices in the air cargo sector, making it an innovative handling device for anyone handling ULDs.
Equipped with the latest technology, the device can be used in almost any area, as the X-Way Mover combines a variety of handling equipment in one: weighbridge, stacker crane, slave pallet mover/donkey, truck dock, transfer unit, ETV.

Pallet Mover

The Pallet Mover from DIMOS is used to transport air cargo units, such as slave pallets, up to a size of 10 feet and a weight of up to 7000 kg. The sensitive steering and driving behavior is made possible by the electronic control system and facilitates precise handling enormously, even of heavy goods. The built-in display shows the operator all important vehicle data, including the battery indicator, operating hours counter, customer service diagnostics and the display of service intervals.



The INTRAC enables fully automated transport of ULDs in the air cargo terminal. The INTRAC thus heralds the next generation of autonomous air cargo transport vehicles, as there is no other pallet mover to date that offers a comparable level of automation in end-to-end cargo handling. The combination of DIMOS' X-Way vehicle family and INTRAC AGV functionalities enables completely flexible use of terminal space. This allows users to handle air cargo peaks with maximum efficiency.


The ETV is used for lifting and conveying air cargo ULDs in the ULD warehouse up to a height of 8300 mm. The roller deck tracks are either individually motorized or driven by the friction wheel mounted on the ETV. The ULD travels on 2 rails and is powered by a floor or head mounted power rail. The controls & touch display are clearly arranged and user friendly. The camera system provides the operator with optimal visibility in both travel directions and storage levels.

Rollendeck von DIMOS zum Transport von ULDs am Flughafen


  • Workstation and conveyor
  • Truck Dock
  • Lifter
  • Racking and weighing
  • Freezer
  • Slave pallets
System provider at the airport

DIMOS equipment is in operation at both German and international airports. Both X-Way Movers and Pallet Movers have been proving their know-how and our solution competence for complex problems in airport intralogistics in daily use for years.

Abfertigung von Air Cargo mithilfe von DIMOS
360 degree steering


The new 360° endless steering system increases the maneuverability of the vehicles. The X-Way Mover can be optimally maneuvered even in the tightest of spaces - the change from longitudinal to transverse travel is possible without stopping in between. The results of the patented steering system are reduced tire wear and faster work processes. The steering system is intuitive and easy to operate.

Fast dispatch


By replacing individual vehicles and stationary equipment such as the stacker crane in the terminal, storage capacities can be significantly increased - to double or even triple with the same space requirements. By eliminating interfaces, the entire work process is optimized and accelerated. The X-Way Mover can remove goods from the truck and store them directly on the first, second or third shelf level. The multifunctional vehicle is, so to speak, a complete solution for logistics between airside and landside.

Cabin equipment


The weather-protected and air-conditioned cab of the X-Way Mover is ergonomically optimized. The driver benefits from a pleasant all-round view and increased operating comfort. The information terminal has been redesigned once again and provides important information on the vehicle and operation. For example, the exact wheel position of the vehicle can be displayed.


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X-Way Mover from the front
X-Way Mover from the front with load high
X-Way Mover side with load up
X-Way Mover Diagonal with load high
X-Way Mover Diagonal

The X-Way Mover is offered in a total of 5 different series. Thus, it can be designed either for one standard ULD (10 feet) or for loading with 2 standard ULDs (20 feet). Other features, such as lifting height, energy package, etc., can also be freely selected. The X-Way Mover from DIMOS is already in use worldwide with all-electric operation. The automation of the product is also already thought of, so we can also offer a retrofitting of the already delivered vehicles.

Rear view of the Pallet Mover from DIMOS
A loaded Pallet Mover
Lifting of a ULD container by a Pallet Mover from DIMOS
View from the driver's stand of the Pallet Mover from DIMOS

Configured to suit your application, the DIMOS Pallet Mover is offered in three different versions. The standard model convinces with a comfortable cross-seat cabin, as well as the version with scissor lift table. If a towing variant is preferred, we have also developed a corresponding tiller device.

Intrac AGV Dimos side view
Intrac AGV Dimos transverse top view
Intrac AGV Dimos top view
Intrac ULD Handling in use
Intrac ULD Handling in use

Even in its basic configuration, INTRAC arranges fully autonomous freight operation. But there is another way: In the basic concept of the Pallet Mover, the AGV unit can easily be temporarily replaced by a manual driver unit. "With INTRAC MOVE, we offer users the greatest possible flexibility to put together the optimum solution for their specific requirements . A mixed fleet of manually operated and fully automated vehicles is also possible," explains Pascal Schütz, responsible for sales and development at DIMOS. The decisive factor for the composition is the required capacity or the tonnage to be handled per year. If the requirements change, there is the option of upgrading or downgrading the existing vehicles. The system can be easily expanded. This enables users to plan capacity flexibly.

ETV Dimos front view
ETV Dimos top view
ETV Dimos view from the side

The roller deck tracks are either individually motorized or driven by the friction wheel mounted on the ETV.  The ETV travels on 2 rails and is supplied with power via a conductor rail mounted on the floor or at the head end. The ergonomically designed operator's cab is equipped with an adjustable comfort seat. The controls & touch display are clearly arranged and user-friendly. The camera system provides the operator with an optimal view in both directions of travel and of the storage levels. Depending on the described expansion stages, the ETV can be operated manually, semi-automatically or fully automatically. 

A loaded Pallet Mover

A ULD container fits comfortably on the Pallet Mover from DIMOS.

View from the driver's stand of the Pallet Mover from DIMOS

From the seat, the DIMOS Pallet Mover offers an ideal view of the forks.

Lifting of a ULD container by a Pallet Mover from DIMOS

Up to 7 tons can be lifted with the DIMOS Pallet Mover.

Beide X-Way Mover im Einsatz
Sicherheit des X-Way Movers beim Transport von Lasten
X-Way Mover from DIMOS outdoors
DIMOS X-Way Mover for SAS

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