Langgut-Transport mit DIMOS


The DIMOS multidirectional sideloader feels particularly at home in the field of long goods handling. Equipped with a long fork carriage, handling even goods over 15m long is child's play. No matter if indoor or outdoor use, deflecting goods or special pallets - DIMOS offers an individual solution for every customer requirement due to its years of experience and know-how!

  • Multidirectional Sideloader
  • Langgutgabelträger für den DIMOS DMS

    Electrically driven, emission-free and modular - these are the flexible electric multidirectional sideloaders from DIMOS. Multidirectional sideloaders are always used when long or bulky goods, such as pipes, profiles or plates, have to be moved in a small space.

  • EKP picking platform
  • Ausgefahrene Kommissionierplattform von DIMOS

    The EKP models are pure electric picking platforms and can be fully automated, with one operator or with two operators. The advantage is direct manual picking from the rack level. A combination of electric multi-way stacker and pick-up platform is also available.

  • DMS with load accompanying cabin
  • Maximaler Ausschub DIMOS DMS mit lastbegleitender Kabine

    In this DMS series we offer the electric multidirectional sideloader with load accompanying cabin in the load classes 1.5 to 10.0 tons. This series is the high-flyer among the DIMOS multidirectional sideloaders. Due to the load accompanying cabin, the operating personnel can accompany the goods - especially in high racks - up to a lifting height of 12.5 m and thus ensure optimum control during storage and retrieval.

  • Platform and track wagons
  • Einsatz eines Plattformwagens von DIMOS in der Metallverarbeitung

    Adapted to the requirements, DIMOS offers, among other things, radio-controlled or spiral cable-operated platform trucks, cross-seat platform trucks, lift trucks with platform or lift trucks with rotating platform.

    Do you have any questions about long goods transport?

    We will be glad to help you. DIMOS is a reliable partner in the field of long goods transport.


    Our core product - reliable, even with high loads.

    Beleuchtungskonzept des DMS Mehrwege-Staplers von DIMOS

    Whether automated or manual - for convenient plate and long goods handling.

    Picking platform of DIMOS from above

    Robust, electric and easy to use.

    Side view of the platform truck from DIMOS

    For heights up to 12500 mm and best overview.

    Maximaler Ausschub DIMOS DMS mit lastbegleitender Kabine
    Maximaler Ausschub DIMOS DMS mit lastbegleitender Kabine

    Der maximale Ausschub der Kabine des DMS liegt bei 12500 mm.

    Beleuchtungskonzept des DMS Mehrwege-Staplers von DIMOS
    DIMOS DMS in use in China
    Elektro-Mehrwege-Kommissionierplattform von DIMOS

    Gerade Platten können mit der Kommissionierplattform von DIMOS sicher gehandelt werden.

    Picking platform of DIMOS from above

    The width and length of the platform can be adjusted to the plates to be moved.

    Niveauausgleich des DIMOS Plattformwagens
    Schienengeführter Plattformwagen von DIMOS
    Platform view

    The platform is adapted to the loads to be transported.

    Remote control platform truck from DIMOS

    Platform trucks from DIMOS can also be equipped with remote control.