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DIMOS offers you a wide variety of designs and innovative solutions for tiller trucks.

Whether a pallet truck with tiller, cross-seat cabin or ride-on platform, a pallet mover for cargo handling at the airport or a tiller device according to your wishes - challenges are our passion - give us your requirements and we will find a solution!

Hochhubwagen mit Haken zur Lastaufnahme von DIMOS

The DIMOS electric pedestrian pallet truck enables efficient stacking of goods.
Starting with simple rack handling (storage and retrieval of goods) up to loading and unloading of trucks is no problem for the DIMOS pedestrian high lift truck.
The DIMOS electric pedestrian pallet truck is economical, efficient and easy to maintain.


The Pallet Mover from DIMOS is used to transport air cargo units, such as slave pallets, up to a size of 10 feet and a weight of up to 7000 kg. The sensitive steering and driving behavior is made possible by the electronic control system and facilitates precise handling enormously, even of heavy goods. The built-in display shows the operator all important vehicle data, including the battery indicator, operating hours counter, customer service diagnostics and the display of service intervals.

Die Rückseite des DIMOS Pallet Movers


The electric low-lift truck can be equipped with (transverse) seat steering as well as with a steering arm. Frequent applications here are picking up racks for onward transport of the goods, such as classic A-racks in glass production. Like the steering, the drive is fully electric and thus enables flexible and sensitive driving.

Niederhubwagen mit Lenkung von DIMOS

Our lifting carriages can be equipped with the appropriate pick-up devices. Thus, your DIMOS is optimally adapted to the challenge in use and remains flexible. Whether coils, plates or with suspension device - DIMOS offers extensive configuration options for your reach truck, also gladly as a retrofit.

Varianten des DIMOS Hochhubwagens
Maintenance costs

Due to the modular design of our tiller trucks, we can design the devices to be low-maintenance - this saves both costs for service and spare parts in the long term. The supply of original DIMOS spare parts is guaranteed in the long term and thus ensures the operational capability of the tiller trucks.


Steuerblock von DIMOS


Depending on the requirements, the DIMOS tiller units can be equipped with a steering arm or a seat option. All necessary adjustment options are available on the steering arm so that the tiller can be steered precisely and comfortably. If a seat is required, we equip the tiller with a driver's seat and an ergonomic operating cockpit.

Sicht vom Fahrerstand des Pallet Movers von DIMOS

Questions about our products?

We will be happy to help you find the ideal solution to your problem!

  • Pallet Mover
  • Ein beladener Pallet Mover
    Die Rückseite des DIMOS Pallet Movers
    Hochheben eines ULD Containers durch einen Pallet Mover von DIMOS
    Heckansicht des Pallet Mover von DIMOS
    Bereifung des DIMOS Pallet Movers

    The transfer of the load to the slave pallet is ahead with the narrow edge, while the slave pallets themselves can be transported with the wide edge. Pallet movers with 3 forks as well as with fixed roller deck can be offered.
    The slave pallets are carried on robust forks that can be lowered and raised to accommodate both the fixed system height of the ULD units of 508 mm (20 ")
    as well as the slave pallet height of 203 mm (8").

  • High lift truck
  • Hochhubwagen von DIMOS Seitenansicht
    DIMOS Hochhubwagen mit Haken in der Halle

    Lifting is performed by a hydraulic lifting unit. The maximum load capacity is 6,800 kg, but can be customized. We also adapt the load suspension device for each customer. Possible here are hooks, carrying mandrels, lateral lifters for coils and also classic lifting platforms or forks.

  • Low lift truck
  • Niederhubwagen Lenkung von DIMOS
    Niederhubwagen von DIMOS ohne Last
    Titelbild Niederhubwagen von DIMOS

    Here, too, different load suspension devices can be attached, depending on the customer's requirements. The maximum weight depends on customer requirements, but is approx. 6,800 kg for our standard solution. The vehicle runs on rubber wheels, which are arranged in such a way that an even distribution of the floor load is ensured and point loads are minimized.

  • General vehicle construction
  • DIMOS Hochhubwagen mit Haken in der Halle
    Hochhubwagen von DIMOS Seitenansicht
    Niederhubwagen von DIMOS ohne Last

    The vehicle body contains the electric drive unit with power steering, the hydraulic lifting unit, the battery, ergonomic controls and an adjustable seat / steering arm.

    Ein beladener Pallet Mover

    Ein ULD Container findet komfortabel Platz auf dem Pallet Mover von DIMOS.

    Hochhubwagen von DIMOS
    Fernsteuerung des DIMOS Hochhubwagens
    Rückansicht des DIMOS Pallet Movers
    DIMOS Hochhubwagen mit Prismen für die Lastaufnahme von Rollen
    Sicht vom Fahrerstand des Pallet Movers von DIMOS

    Vom Sitz aus bietet der DIMOS Pallet Mover einen idealen Blick auf die Gabelzinken.

    Hochheben eines ULD Containers durch einen Pallet Mover von DIMOS

    Bis zu 7 Tonnen können mit dem DIMOS Pallet Mover gehoben werden.

    Lastaufnahme des DIMOS Hochhubwagens
    DIMOS Hochhubwagen mit Haken in der Halle